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Name of Wiki Article

Wisconsin State Death Records (FamilySearch Historical Records) How did this article help you?.

The most valuable thing about this article was that it contained a link to the Wisconsin Historical Society which has an online database that allows you to search for individual names.

A search at the Wisconsin Historical Society database yielded names that I could not find when using the website (looking at the Wisconsin Death Records from 1835-1968). I don't know if the Wisconsin Historical Society information will be available in the future on familysearch but it would be nice to not have to look in multiple places.

Missing data on record completeness In Record Search there was data on the progress towards completion of the index of the 1910 census. The Beta site refers to the Wiki article about that census which has NO data on that progress.

I cannot trust the data until I see notice it was completed.

A good place to comment on the record completeness issue for Beta site collections The feedback box on the side of the page of a historical collection in the beta site is a good place to comment on this problem because that feedback is forwarded to the group in charge of the Beta site. Apparently they are aware of it and have future plans to indicate the completeness of a project.