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It is our pleasure to welcome you to our growing team of community administrators. It has been exciting to see so much research help provided since the first communities were introduced in May 2011. FamilySearch joins with all our community members in thanking you for joining our community of volunteers.

This guide is meant to be informative as you begin your journey as a leader in these online communities. Please take a few minutes to review the information and become familiar with FamilySearch's vision for your communities. Keep note of questions you have along the way and don't hesitate to ask.

Contact FamilySearch Sponsors or other members of the community by:

Our Administrator Community

As administrators, we make up a community of researchers and family historians who have developed expertise in locating genealogical resources in specific states and countries. We have had success in identifying our own ancestors, have helped others to do the same, and have a desire to provide an additional avenue of assistance through social media. The broader volunteer community includes all members of each genealogy research community as they have an opportunity to answer each other's questions. We, as administrators, take a leadership role to encourage others to share what they know. Using social media to share information extends our reach and increases the potential for attracting new community members who may become interested in family history research.

To make these FamilySearch communities as efficient and useful as possible, multiple administrators will share responsibilities in each community. Our goal is for all administrators to have a positive experience through working together and ensuring that each community will be a successful and welcoming resource to the public.

FamilySearch Sponsors

In addition to the community administrators that are assigned to each community, FamilySearch staff members will also be listed as administrators and are available as community sponsors to assist in any way necessary. These FamilySearch sponsors include: