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FamilySearch Communities This article is about an aspect of the Genealogy Research Communities sponsored by FamilySearch.

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FamilySearch's Genealogy Research Communities (GRCs) create a place where people can get assistance with their research questions. Each area has one or more volunteers who help with the administration of the page and/or community. You can volunteer to be an administrator, if you want to be more involved. You can also help by visiting a community to join in on the conversation. Click one of the links above for a listing of available communities on each platform. Facebook and Skype have the largest community presence. Volunteers do an incredible work to help people with their research in all areas of the world. 

Request to become a community administrator

If you are interested in being an administrator of a Genealogy Research Community, please fill out the following form:

Request to be an Admin of a Genealogy Research Community

FamilySearch Community Administrator Guide

Administrator Community

  1. Welcome
  2. Our administrator community
  3. Administrator community meetings
  4. FamilySearch sponsors
  5. Special roles
  6. Regional managers

Administrator Responsibilities

  1. Responding to questions and posts
  2. Sharing resources
  3. Building community

Administrator Best Practices

  1. Responding to questions and posts
  2. Sharing resources
  3. Building community

Platform overviews

The following platform overviews vary in thoroughness, but each provides important understanding of what each platform offers. As a volunteer, you will help more people when you understand how each platform works. Click a heading for more detail on using the platform for genealogy.


This web site offers thorough tutorials for the Forums and several other FamilySearch products.


While this tutorial covers profiles and not pages, there are more similarities than differences.


Besides learning how the GRC group chats were first started, these videos will show you how to add one of the GRC chats to your contacts. Remember, you must be first added to the chat by someone who is already in the group chat.


This web site offers thorough tutorials for the Wiki and several other FamilySearch products.

Handouts and other resources

Discuss community building

Please share your community building ideas on the Discussion page.