FamilySearch Communities: Administrator Responsibilities

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FamilySearch Community Administrators are responsible to help lead the creation of a vibrant, collaborative research community. We hope that you will be creative and explore great ways of doing this in the community and/or communities you administrate.

Here are a few specific responsibilities for all administrators:

  1. Visit the community page regularly
    • This is one reason why it's great to have multiple administrators for each community. (Learn more about recruiting volunteers)
    • Share news, events, resources, and information about genealogy research as relevant to the community you administer. (about once a day, using the page name)
    • Note: As a general rule, most social media users are not on between 9-5pm, but rather after work hours and on weekends. (See Nathan's report)
  2. Respond to questions and posts
    • Follow up as quickly as possible after a post with a comment (such as a thank-you) or clarifying question as the page name.
    • Building a sense of community is more important than solving every research question. If you don't know the answer, at least respond with a friendly comment. If people have a good experience and tell their friends, then others will join the community for a similar experience. So, even if you can't answer every question, your diligence will lead to helping more people with research.
  3. Help community members adhere to the following policies
    • Keep group discourse civil and polite at all times.
    • All posts should be genealogy-related; off-topic or blatant advertisement posts will be removed.
    • All discussions should be kept neutral and non-denominational. (LDS-specific discussions should not take place in these groups.)

These are the basic responsibilities of a FamilySearch Community Administrator. See FamilySearch Communities: Best Practices for further suggestions.