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'''Future Meetings:'''  
'''Future Meetings:'''  
*10 Jan 2012&nbsp;[[Community_Wiki_Support_Meeting_10_January_2012|Meeting Agenda]]<br>
*10 Jan 2012&nbsp;[[Community Wiki Support Meeting 10 January 2012|Meeting Agenda]]<br>  
*&nbsp;17 Jan 2012 [[Community Wiki Support Meeting 17 January 2012|Meeting Agenda]]
*24 Jan 2012 [[Community_Wiki_Support_Meeting_24_January_2012|Meeting Agenda]]
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'''Previous Meetings:'''  
'''Previous Meetings:'''  
*3 Jan 2012&nbsp;[[Community_Wiki_Support_Meeting_3_January_2012|Meeting Agenda]]  
*3 Jan 2012&nbsp;[[Community Wiki Support Meeting 3 January 2012|Meeting Agenda]]  

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Welcome to the Community Wiki Support Meeting
Join the discussion, ask questions, and share
The Wiki currently has 85,034 articles in English

Purpose and Time

Come forge solutions with other community Wiki support members. We discuss content, best practices, community, and strategy. This is a conference call meeting every Tuesday from 9:00 am - 10:00 am. (mountain time). Support members are welcome to suggest topics for the agenda by posting in the Contributor's Corner Forum thread or by adding to the weekly agenda discussion pages.

Upcoming Meetings

Click meeting agenda below for a meeting date. Please add what you would like to discuss and see what is planned. You can join the meeting from there.

Or join now:

  1. Click to Join the meeting
  2. Select Find a Meeting (Meeting ID is 3232)
  3. Select the correct date
  4. Enter your phone number. MeetingPlace will connect you by phone and computer. It's amazing and easy.

Future Meetings:

Previous Meetings:

Past Meetings

To review the recording of a previous meeting, click MeetingPlace Select Find a Meeting (ID was 3030 during 2011, and 3232 during 2012), enter the date (or date range -- such as Jan 1, 2011), and click Search. Scroll down and select the meeting.