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FamilySearch offers many helpful documents and products to help you with your family history research. Here is a list of the materials that are available to download.

Basic Forms and Charts

How Do I Start? 

A one-page guide outlining the four basic steps to starting your family history research. Also includes a blank family tree with space to fill in information about your ancestors.

Pedigree Chart

A blank chart with space to fill in names, dates, and places about four generations of your family.

Family Tree Chart

A colorful tree with places for photos of four generations of your family

Research Log

A blank form that allows you to keep track of your family history research. You can write down list of sources you have searched and what you find.

Finding Records of Your Ancestors

This series of guides provides a step-by-step instructions for finding your ancestors.

Finding Records of Your Ancestors: England 1837 To 1901

Finding Records of Your Ancestors: Scotland 1855 To 1901

Finding Records of Your Ancestors: Finland

African American Quick Guide pdf

Finding African Americans 1870-Present