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  • You can move the tree by clicking and dragging the page (similar to Google Maps). You can also use the up, down, left and right arrows on your keyboard.
  • To view a couple’s children, hover over their box and then click the Children tab that appears beneath it.
  • When you click a person’s name in Tree view, you see their summary card. The summary card shows basic details about the person.
    • Hover over the ordinance icons to see more detail about the ordinances.
    • To see more information on the Person page, click Person or click the individual’s name. You can also add or change information on this page.
  • To display research suggestions, data issues, and possible missing ordinances, select Descendancy View from the top left-hand menu. Caution: Many people who appear to be missing ordinances in Family Tree are really duplicates of other records with the ordinances done. Always verify basic information for a person and search carefully for duplicates before reserving ordinances.
  • In Fan Chart view, you can change the root person by clicking any other individual on the fan chart.