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This is information generic to the UK parish registers. There may be additional instructions for a specific project.

Sample Images

  • There can be four types of records in these projects.
    1. Christening (also includes baptisms and births)
    2. Marriage (also include banns of marriages)
    3. Burial (also include deaths)
    4. Other – included in some projects for other document types

Skill Level:

  • This project is recommended for experienced volunteers who are comfortable with the indexing process, system features, and reading a variety of old handwriting styles.

Characteristics of This Project

  • One to two images per batch
  • Usually multiple records per image
  • No highlights

Description of the Records

  • The parish registers have either been handwritten or typed.
  • Each image may contain either one or two pages.
  • Each type of record will have different fields to index.
  • The common record types for these project are:
    1. Christening (also includes baptisms and births)
    2. Marriage (also include banns of marriages)
    3. Burial (also include deaths)

Additional Information

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