FamilySearch Indexing: US—Registers of U.S. Army, 1798-1913, Place Lookup List

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(Updated 10/14) Using the spelling on the document, enter the place names that are not in the lookup list.  Click Edit This Page above, enter the place name and click Save Page in the lower left.  Use Shift+Enter to add lines.

Enlistment Town or City:

Fort Huachuca

Fort Hawkins

Fort Slocum

Columbus Barracks

Fort George Wright

Fort Barry

Fort Myer

Fort Winfield Scott

Jackson Barracks

Madison Barracks

Fort Armstrong

Petit Coquille

Fort Towson

Fort Mackinac

Fort Woolcott

New Port

Fort Mifflin

Fort St Philip

Fort Michili Mackinac

Sackett's Harbor

Fort Hawkins


 Fort Independance 

Enlistment County:

Enlistment State (or Territory):

Arizona Territory