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Click Wiki Presentation to learn about making submissions. Use this page to ask all questions about this project. Please include a share batch number, if possible, for clarification.  Hold the batch as long as possible before submitting it. Comments will be removed after review.


Brother Pearson, can we have this link added to the project additional helps or updates page somewhere. It would be helpful for Spanish names in the project since there's quite a bit of problems with this. Thanks --Aprilrobertson 15:36, 15 March 2012 (UTC)

The second image in my batch shows "grass widow" in the marital status box. A quick internet search indicates this is not a true widow, but could be a number of different situations including abandonment or divorce, or similar but in a non-marriage relationship. I am not sure how to mark this one, and believe it should just be left blank since the actual status isn't clear. Is that the right thing to do? Share batch #182230000  Enter Widow.

I have recently come across several batches of records from El Paso County (such as this one: 180254665) that include "Report of Death"s as well as Death Certificates. The RoD's  list specific Ward, Street, and Number addresses as Place of Death, then ask "Duration of residence in El Paso?" I believe this question is in reference to El Paso the city, but it never specifically lists El Paso as the death city. Because El Paso is both a city and a county, this is a confusing form! Should these be indexed as El Paso in both Death County and Death city or just Death County?  Basic guidelines indicate the use of the lowest level of locality would be appropriate, in this case city.

I realize if 'Infant' is written/typed in the marital status we are suppose to tab to the next field, however, if I accidentally type anything in this field it automatically indexes one of the four marital status and it won't let me delete it.  Is there a way to leave this blank without typing in Ctrl+B? Select EDIT (located between FILE and VIEW) and then select CLEAR FIELD.

If a male has his father's last name as his middle name but a different last name, do we still submit both names in the surname field? Use the basic indexing guidelines about names.

I see an example of an Amendment but it's not clear how to index this record, unless I missed this in the project instructions (entirely possible).  I know the image should be indexed as Normal but do we simply enter the corrected data on the Amendment record, or correct the original certificate data of the state file no. that the Amendment is referencing?  In my instance, the Amendment is correcting the first name in the certificate that precedes it in the batch. Share Batch 005145541 (assume that is the number).  Thanks. Index the amendment as a seperate document. Do not carry information from other documents.

I find the above question very helpful but confusing at the same time. To be clear, the presentation for the project states we do not repeat information that remains the same when entering information from an amendment, so I understood that to mean we only enter the information that has changed. Above, I see the answer states we index amendments as separate documents and "do not carry information from other documents". In many cases that would mean repeating information from the previous document that was not changed by the amendment, Is that correct?