FamilySearch Indexing: US Veterans Pension Cards, 1907-1933, FAQ

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When indexing a widow's card with minors, please clarify if the widow is indexed as the guardian even if the word guardian is not used.  If I don't index it that way, the arbitrator usually changes it; if I do index it that way, the arbitrator usually changes it. The field helps are being rewritten to clarify this situation. The reason we would index the widow as a guardian is that on many cards this will be the only way a child will have a surname attached to them.

How do we index co-guardians for the minors listed on a Minors' Card? 

QUESTION:  Can we extract information from the NED side of the card and index the information as if it were on the front of the card?  

Where are the instructions when the two documents do not match? Each image is treated as a unique document and not linked to any another document.

Regarding PartA/004694298[4] the first image for Calder, Philip C, Army Invalid, has a dates of commencement of 1907 and 1912. The second image for Calder, Rachel, Army widow says the name of the soldier was James and the date of commencement 1901.  Treat each image as a seperate record.