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* Protect and unprotect pages
* Protect and unprotect pages
* Edit the interface
* Edit the interface
*[[Dispute Resolution|Dispute resolution]]
*[[Dispute Resolution|Dispute resolution]]. The [[:Category:Neutrality disputes]] flag addresses the dispute resolution needs.
==Reasons to Contact an Administrator==
==Reasons to Contact an Administrator==

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Administrator This user is a member of the administrator team. (verify)

Sysops are system Administrators

The Administrators help manage the development and content in the Wiki. Some tasks the Administrators (Sysops) keep busy with include:

Reasons to Contact an Administrator

  • Report a page that needs immediate deletion
  • Submit a page that might need protecting or unprotecting

How to Contact an Administrator

Maintenance Flag Monitoring

Examples of all current: Maintenance Templates. Monitor each flag by clicking on the links below: