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'''''See also [[Portal:Moderation|Moderators]]''''' {{Sysopub}}  
'''''See also [[FamilySearch Wiki:Moderation|Moderators]]''''' {{Sysopub}}  
== Policies of FamilySearch Wiki  ==
== Policies of FamilySearch Wiki  ==

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See also Moderators
Administrator This user is a member of the administrator team. (verify)

Policies of FamilySearch Wiki

Reasons to Contact an Administrator

  • Report a page that needs immediate deletion
  • Submit a page that might need protecting or unprotecting

How to Contact Administrators

Sysops are system Administrators

The Administrators help manage the development and content in the Wiki. Some tasks the Administrators (Sysops) keep busy with include:

Maintenance Flag Monitoring

Examples of all current: Maintenance Templates. Monitor each flag by clicking on the links below: