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Minutes of the Council meetings will be posted here.
Minutes of the Council meetings will be posted here.
==== April 3, 2013 ====
Apologies from [[User:Oldnews|Teri]]
* Working with other groups
==== March 6, 2013 ====
==== March 6, 2013 ====

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Room #4567

Minutes of the Council meetings will be posted here.

April 3, 2013

Apologies from Teri

  • Working with other groups

March 6, 2013

Apologies from Jane and Wilma

  • Content being copied from Wikipedia/gazetteers
    • Remember this wiki has a policy of Link, don’t copy
    • Examples on the same paragraph being added in twice from a gazetteer. It looks like missionaries are doing a paste and run exercise without looking what content is already included in the article.
    • It would be helpful if people created a user page
    • Adding headings without content -- a year later still no content. Would be better to add heading along with content.
    • Fine line between encouraging people to add content and well meaning people go find information and copy it to the FS wiki.
  • Concept "less is more", important research help could be missed in the volume of background stuff
    • Lots of help content but needs to be simplified (4 or 5 pages about how to add footnotes) with perhaps a clear guide to help new contributors find the help they need.
  • Help Wanted pages
    • Credit was given for the project to establish the help wanted pages in the wiki.
    • This is moving in the right direction
  • New Look from April
    • Looked at https://stage.familysearch.org/learn/wiki/en/Main_Page which currently shows the new header and right-hand sidebar.
    • The council welcomed the increase in the screen width being used when viewed in wider screens
    • A word of caution that the current settings causes a large column of whitespace to be created between content on the left and the right-hand sidebar on wide screens. (4 inches on a 25 inch screen).
    • Where left-hand sidebar are used these could be widened
    • Wikipedia seem to cope with this with lots of images used to support the text along with infoboxes etc.
  • News & Events sections
    • Spoke about general supportive comments about removing these sections as the default and only having them when contributors are keeping them up to date
    • Expect some feedback from others at the Contributors Meeting tomorrow.

February 6, 2013

Apologies from Jane

  • Surname pages - draft example User:Ldrew/Sandbox8
    • Notable people should be limited to those truly "notable" not just lists from Wikipedia.
    • Be careful we are not opening the door to inappropriate lists of names
    • Should be limited to directing people to resources available in other places
    • Most people are interested in a family name in a location - how does this help?
    • Look at http://www.linkpendium.com/genealogy/USA/sur/ and http://www.one-name.org/
    • Need some guidelines that outline how these pages could be developed and used
    • Pages to be created only when content available - not develop hundreds of pages with only a structure
  • Professional Genealogists
  • News and Events
    • Other channels, blogs, Facebook better as sources
    • Council decided that the wiki should direct users to these better sources rather than add "news" content directly in the wiki
    • Next steps - recommend change to wiki policy and advise others via the FamilySearch Wiki:Contributors Meeting
  • FHL Genealogical Society Wiki Advisory Council Liaison
    • Wilma, not going to the meeting, but will meet with their community liaison when one is appointed

January 23, 2013

  • We have received a request: To send a liaison to the Library Wiki Council meeting which is held bi-weekly on a Thursday morning (10:30am mountain time) - their next meeting January 24.
    • Wilma volunteered to attend the meeting
    • Request to ask the Library Wiki Council to share their plans
    • Some WikiProjects are documented, others seem to have no documentation
  • Wiki Page Development
    • Issues of parish history sections being filled with extracts from gazetteers
      • If the source of the text is not properly identified then some may be led to believe it is current information
    • Page for parishes created with a structure only - who will add the details?
    • Layout of main locality pages
      • Council members know about a small working group looking at this issue with a view to redesign
    • Current problems seen
      • Issues with the right-hand sidebar going missing
      • News and Events - never getting edited and if they do quickly fall out of date
      • Did you know? section - is the best place for this a sidebar, better in the main content
      • Screen width resolution - making it adaptable for different sized screen wide and mobile
      • Proliferation of banners and badges
      • Graphics: to be welcome when used to add value to the article. However graphics are used/selected when they are not suitable.
  • Moderator Review
    • One quick last check to ensure none have become active since last check
    • Then letter thanking them for their time as moderator
  • WikiProject Professional Genealogist how this will develop in the wiki
    • What will be this council's role in the project?
      • Council members want to make some recommendations
      • First step let others know we are interested in how this project is being progressed
      • Have APG, BCG ICAPGen been contacted for their opinions?
  • Suggestion to add an issues log that sets out what this council has discussed and the status of each item

January 9, 2013

  • Moderators - suggested new responsibility FamilySearch Wiki talk:Moderator#New Moderator Responsibility - Things To Do page
    • Good idea - falls under developing a WikiProject, tangible thing for a moderator to do, more so than "Build Community" which is less so. Wiki needs co-ordination so that all can work together.
  • Need to improve communication between all contributors
    • Lynda Avery is starting to look at projects to review their status
    • Pro and cons of skeleton pages
    • Alternative is to use model example page that set out best practise
  • Process to remove inactive Moderators
    • Remove moderator wiki rights - remove name from FamilySearch Wiki:Moderator list and other pages where they are listed.
    • Final email/contact to thank them for their time as moderator and informing them of the change
  • How to increase the group of active contributors
    • Better use of welcome messages - not just thank you, but also how to get involved
    • Listing top contributors - who would encourage contributors
      • barrier to do this - engineering time needed to get this done automatically
    • Thanking people with message possibly even using {{User Gold Star}}
  • Who moderates/reviews the Moderators?
    • Should this be a role for this Wiki Council? - Super Moderators?
    • System of training and early stage monitoring and mentoring.
      • Members of the council have tried being a mentor and found the experience resulted in being overloaded with requests from novice users wanting help create a page. Mainly from LDS members.
    • Need a place to guide new contributors

December 12, 2012

Next meeting January 9th. Agenda items from Chair, Jane Colmenares:

  • Annoucements
    • The next software release for the wiki, will allow protected pages to use full html
    • Council Recording Secretary: Steve Cottrell
  • Non-functioning moderators
    • Suggested the list be sent up with recommendation to remove. One last letter will be sent to their email.
    • Ample effort has already been made
    • Concerned with the empty areas. Jane is aware of a group that will start recruiting as well.
  • Images - proposed change in policy - further exception allowing living people in images.
  • Forums - FamilySearch is discontinuing forums 12/31/12. Where we would like to see the wiki forums moved?
    • Suggestions were: Google communities (part of Google+), Facebook
    • we have the option to wait until FamilySearch decides where they are going;
    • problem with Wiki is that using talk pages doesn't come naturally, and if not watching a page, we are not notified of discussions;
    • Liquid Threads was mentioned for turning Wiki talk page to threads;
    • Get Satisfaction Topics about the product: Research Wiki
    • After discussion: two options were strongest: Going the way FamilySearch goes or use Get Satisfaction

November 28, 2012

Next meeting: Non-functioning moderators. Jane has a list with notes, such as no responses for a minimum of 3 times, (and not active in the past 120 days). Moderator is first line of contact especially when disputes, etc. After moderators, we'll discuss the same point with adopters.

We need someone to coordinate, teamwork
Barnraising committee, everyone selected swoops in on an area - adopters
Uniformity of presentation

What do we think we can achieve beyond what FamilySearch tasked this council with?

  • Communication
    • Use the Wiki contributors newsletter to show the rules, etc. We as a group can feed into that and get people into action.
    • Also use the blog.
  • Coordinating projects:
    • Avoiding duplication
    • This group facilitates community relationships. We notice areas of duplication, get them work together. Coordination.
  • Issues: resolving them, such as how the wiki promotes professional genealogists.
    • Recommending pros is a minefield.
    • We need to present it in a way that is helpful to the users and that professional organizations could support as well.
  • People need a voice. We listen to issues, seek to get the right people involved and communicating to resolve them.
  • Next contributors newsletter: tell the community who we are, invite their suggestions.
  • FHLC issues discussed. Monmouthshire not part of England -- wiki can explain and have redirects
  • Please use the email of the group members to follow up on thoughts from this meeting.

November 14, 2012

An initial meeting was held where each member had the opportunity to introduce themselves to the other council members. Janell Vasquez, from FamilySearch, talked through the Council Charter covering the purpose and working with the council members to refine some of the membership/terms of the Council. Jane was selected to be the Council Chair.

The date of the next meeting was set as Wednesday November 28 with a view to meet every second Wednesday thereafter.