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Maintenance Home > General > Redirects

Broken redirects (priority 2)

  • Redirects that lead to a dead link.
  • Correcting these will enable patrons to go to the link they intended.
  • Help links:
  • How to report:
Automatically reported.
  • Steps to resolve:.
  1. Try to determine what the link was taking patron to. The problem may be something simple like a spelling error.  Or the page has been deleted.
  2. If page link no longer exists, then delete link and the sentence that had the link in it.
  3. If page still exists, then repair link in either rich editor or in wikitext by the following steps.
  1. Log in.
  2. Click on "Edit This Page."
  3. In the rich editor box find the bad link and correct it.
  4. Scroll down to the Summary box and type: "repaired broken link."
  5. Check the "This is a minor edit" box.
  6. Click "Save page."
  7. Make sure that the link is fixed or has been deleted if necessary.

Double redirects (2)

  • When clicking on an article, you see the arrow with a link to another page, but there is no "redirect=no" in the title. The problem is that Page #1 (the page you are on) is being redirected to Page #2, and Page #2 is then being redirected to Page #3. That breaks Page #1 because the wiki doesn't let you have a chain of redirects like that.
  • Help links:
  • How to report:
  • Automatically reported.
  • Steps to resolve:
  1. Log in.
  2. On the Double Redirects page, each entry will consist of three links separated by arrows. The first and second links are separated by (Edit).
  3. Copy the text of the third link (which is the title of the 3rd page).
  4. Click on the first article to open it.
  5. Click on "Edit This Page."
  6. In the rich editor box, delete the link following: #REDIRECT underlined in blue.
  7. Click on the icon on the bottom row of the tool bar, fourth from the right (world w/link).
  8. In the box labeled Link paste in the third link you copied from the Special:Redirects page.
  9. Click ok.
  10. The new link should now appear in the rich editor underlined in blue.
  11. Scroll down to the Summary box and type: "deleted double redirect."
  12. Check the "This is a minor edit" box.
  13. Click "Save page."
  14. The double redirect will disappear from maintenance report.

All redirects (**)

This is a list of all re-directs in the wiki.  Only a few will need to be corrected, if they are double or triple re-directs.
  • Problem and why it should be fixed:
  • Link may not be going to the correct page.
  • Users should be able to access the page they need with one click
  • Help links: 
Help Redirects
  • How to report: Automatically Reported
  • Steps to resolve:See instructions for Re-directs and Double Re-Directs and these pages may have specialized problems.

Lists of pages that meet a specific criteria contain two asterisks; they don't mean that there is a problem with all the pages in the report and don't need to be "cleaned up."