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Style guideline proposal - A conversation on this issue is found on the discussion page. Once consensus is reached, a Manual of Style guideline will be added to this page.

A navigational templates or navboxes can be used to display a group of links to related articles at the bottom of an article. This article sets out some guidelines for creating navboxes. Help about using them can be found in the article Help:Navboxes.

Following discussions in community meetings and in a forum thread the guidelines below have been suggested.


  • Navboxes should be kept as short in space terms as possible. This will help in setting the navbox as an appendix to an article and not over shadow it.
  • Using Font size 85% is encouraged for the text and links within the navbox
  • The style of navbox used will depend on the number of links. No one style is favoured over another, contributors should use the style that is most appropriate.

Display options

In the majority of cases navboxes should be placed at the bottom of an article before the categories.

Collapsed or uncollapsed

Navbox utilise the ability of tables to be shown collapsed or uncollapsed. A third state named autocollapsed will display the navbox uncollapsed when it is on it's own or collapsed when next to another navbox.

Further information: Navbox template documentation


Contributors have the option to nest two or more separate navboxes using the template {{Navboxes}}.

Group titles

Please consider using abbreviations when naming groups so that the left hand section is kept as narrow as possible. Add line breaks to group name text is also an option.

Style options


Text alignment

Text formatting