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What's a stub?

A stub is an article with little or no information. You are welcome to edit stub articles! Find a listing of them in the Category:Stubs.

Stubs about places: Add information!

Many stubs are about places. There are many types of information you can easily add to a place page, including but not limited to:

  • Ethnic groups
  • Events
  • Non-English Research Tools
  • County Origin. For instance, if the place page is about a county, the page could contain information about the county's parent counties. This information is often on the Family History Library Catalog. Include minimalist/simple/crucial information rather than general information.
  • Links to other helpful/relevant pages in Wiki
  • Links to pages on local ethnic, religious, or racial groups
  • Strategy docs/case studies
  • Gazetteers/place finding aids
  • Translation or handwriting guides
  • Links to pertinent online forums and discussion groups
  • Links to digitized county histories
  • Timelines covering (destruction of records, natural disasters, major migrations, etc..)
  • Genealogical/Historical Events in the local media
  • Images of the place or its records
  • Events that affect jurisdictions and records
  • Events affecting many deaths or migrations
  • Laws affecting adoptions, marriages, migrations, or record format
  • Laws affecting record access
  • Inventions (travel, migrations, etc.) epidemics, delays between inventions and their widespread acceptance (such as the Utah railroad)
  • Information on wars and drafts
  • Migration routes per time period