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Welcome to the FamilySearch Wiki Success Stories page! Here you may want to include experiences where the Wiki has helped you; or someone you know find some genealogical research database or resource. Please feel free to add and contribute, but if you have an especially lengthy experience, consider creating a separate page in the FamilySearch Research Wiki, and then include a brief summary here and link to the rest of the article. Thank you for using the Research Wiki, and we wish you many successes in your research!

2008 Success Stories

NOTE: This page was started in 2009, however, please feel free to add any previous experiences here.


Some Family History Library employees were just learning how to contribute to the Research Wiki. On May 29th, one of the employees, Sylvie, was asked to accept an assignment in a staff meeting. She cheerfully responded, "I don't have time for that. I am addicted to the Wiki!" Her manager withdrew the assignment and told Sylvie that she could spend all day working in the Wiki.

2009 Success Stories


While teaching a class on the FamilySearch Research Wiki at the Family History Library, one class attendee mentioned that she wanted to learn how her grandfather died. I asked where her father died. He died in Utah. We searched under the search terms "Utah" and "death." The results page led us to an article containing a link to online vital records for Utah. We searched the online database for her grandfather's name, and within only a few minutes, had the answer to her question! He had died in an avalanche. She left the class now knowing where she could locate that record online, and was surprised to find the answer to her question so quickly!