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Third opinion is a means to request an outside opinion in a dispute between two editors. When two editors cannot agree, either editor may list a dispute here to seek a third opinion. The third opinion process requires good faith and civility on both sides of the dispute.

This page is for informally resolving disputes involving only two editors. The informal nature of the third opinion process is its chief advantage over more formal methods of resolving disputes. For more complex disputes unable to be resolved through talk page discussion, you can follow the other steps in the dispute resolution process.

Respondents appreciate feedback about the outcome of the dispute, either on the article's talk page or on their own talk page. We want to know whether the outcome was positive or not, helping us to maintain and improve the standards of our work.

How to list a dispute

Be sure to discuss the dispute on the talk page as the first step in the process before making a request here. If, after significant discussion, no agreement has been reached and only two editors are involved, you may list the dispute below in the Active disagreements section. Otherwise, please follow other methods in the dispute resolution process.

Follow these instructions to make your post:

  1. Begin a new entry with a # symbol below earlier entries to preserve the numbering and chronological order of the list.
  2. Provide a section link to the specific talk page section followed by a brief neutral description of the dispute.
  3. Sign with five tildes (~~~~~) to add the date without your name. This is important to maintain neutrality.

Do not discuss on this page: confine the discussion to the talk page where the dispute is taking place.

To Do: Provide more relevant examples for FSWiki
Example entry:
# [[Talk:List of Cuban Americans#List Clean-up]]. Disagreement about notability of names added to list. ~~~~~
Example displayed:
1. Talk:List of Cuban Americans#List Clean-up. Disagreement about notability of names added to list. 21:49, 15 January 2008 (UTC)

You may also consider adding {{3O}} to the top of the article. List of tagged articles.

Active disagreements