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The Help content in the Wiki is in need of evaluation and improvement. Help articles in the Wiki are all those articles that help contributors to the wiki know how to do all aspects of editing and contributing.

If you are interested in helping with this project, add your name to this list.

To take a specific task, sign your name in one of the tables below with ~~~~ to work on it; add "complete" after your name once it's done.

Reorganize the "Entrance" page for all Help

Review all Help articles for needed revisions

  • Sign your name in the third column to work on that group of articles:
  • Review the articles included in your group, and develop a preliminary plan to categorize the help content for that topic. We will meet as a group in order to gain input before finalizing these categories.


Topic Articles relating to this topic
Assigned: Completed
Main Help Page Help Edit and Contribute evancol
Wiki Overview Help:Wiki Overview evancol
Tour Help:Tour evancol

- Basic Editing Help:Basic Editing c evancol
- Copy and Paste into a Wiki Page Help:Copying and Pasting into a Wiki Page c evancol
- Simple Edits You Can Make Help:Simple edits you can make c evancol
- Practice in Your Sandbox Help:Practice editing in your Sandbox c evancol
- Edit Summarry Help:Edit summary c evancol
- Edit Summary Legend Help:Edit summary legend c evancol
- Editing Pages Help:Editing pages c evancol
- The Editing Tool Help:The Editing Tool (FCK Editor) c evancol
- Formatting Help:Formatting c evancol
- Advanced Editing Help:Editing a Page c evancol
- Advanced Editing with Wikitext Help:Wiki markup c evancol
- Advanced: Copy Documents Into the Wiki Help:How to Convert a Microsoft Office Document into Wiki Format c evancol
- Magic Words Help:Magic words c evancol
Research Vtwilcox
- Genealogy On Line How-To Genealogy Learning Online
- How to Begin Search How to Begin a Search for Your Ancestor
- Research Guide A Guide to Research
- Links Help:Links c
- Adding Links Help:Adding Links c
- Linking to Wiki Pages Help:Create an internal link c
- Linking to Wiki Pages Help:Basic Internal Linking c
- External Link Help:Create an external link c
- Advanded Linking Help:Advanced Linking c

How to Add Citations Help:How to add citations c
- Sources Consulted but not Referenced 
Help:Sources Consulted but Not Referenced c
- Source Citations Help:Source Citations c

- Submitting Images Help:Submitting images for approval c
- Images Help:Images c
- Adding images to Articles Help:Adding images to articles c
- How to Edit and Resize Images Help:How to Edit and Resize Images c
- Using FHL Images Help:Getting approval for Family History Library collection images to be used on FamilySearch Wiki c
- Image Maps Help:Image maps c
Creating Pages

- Basic Page Naming Help:Name a new article c
- Creating a Page Help:How to create an article c
- Creating a Page Help:Creating a page c
- Creating a New Linked Page Help:Create a page linked from an existing page c
- Creating a New Unlinked Page Help:Create a page not linked from an existing page c
- Creating a Society Page Help:Creating a society page c
- Starting a New Page Help:Starting a new page c
- Starting a New Article Help:Starting an article c
- How to Create Unportal Page Help:How to Create an Un-Portal Page c
Watching Pages

- Watch Page Changes Help:Tracking changes
- Watchlist Help:Watchlist
- How to Turn Notifications On Help:How to turn notifications on

- Categories Help:Categories c Fran
- How to Categorize Pages Help:Categorization c Fran
- Advanced Categorization Help:Advanced categorization[1] c Fran
- Namespaces Help:Namespaces c Fran

Basic Tables Help:Adding basic tables to an article c
Advanced Tables Help:Tables c
- Historical Population Chart Help:Historical Population Chart c
- Infoboxes Help:Infobox c See note on discussion page -Fran
- Navboxes Help:Navboxes c

- Quick Date Box

Help:Quick Date Box c

- Renaming a Page Help:Renaming a page c
- Redirecting a page Help:Redirects c
- Adding a Page to the Correct Namespace Help:Namespaces c
- Creating an UnPortal Page Help:How to Create an Un-Portal Page c
- Splitting Articles How to Split Articles c

- Quick Guide to Templates Help:A quick guide to templates c
- Templates Help:Templates c
- Maintenance Templates FamilySearch Wiki:Maintenance Templates c
- Contributor Userboxes FamilySearch Wiki:Userboxes c
- Record Type Help:Record Type Template c
New User Instructions

- How to Register with the Wiki Help:How to Register with the Wiki evancol evancol
- User Pages Help:User page

- Navigation Help:Navigation
- Preferences Help:Preferences
- Page History Help:Page history
- Random Page Help:Random page evancol evancol
- Recent Changes Help:Recent changes
- Signatures Help:Signatures
- Skins Help:Skins
- New Users FamilySearch Wiki:New users
- Notifications Help:How to turn notifications on
- Special Page Help:Special page
- Discussion Pages Help:Discussion Pages (Talk Pages)

- Adopt A Page

- Getting Started
Getting Started

- Quick Start Links
Quick Start Links


- Archiving a Talk Page
Help:Archiving a talk page


- Basic Searches Help:Basic Searches c
- Searching Help:Searching c

- Search for Article or Topic

Help:Search for an article or topic c
- Search Tips Help:Search Tips c
- Boolean Searches Help:Boolean Searches in the Wiki c
- External Searches Help:External searches c
- Contact FS Help:Contact Family Search
- Directory Help:FamilySearch Support E-mail and Worldwide Telephone Directory
- Contents Help:Contents
- Developing a US County Page Help:Developing A U.S. County Page
- Diff Help:Diff
- Did You Know Article Help:How to write a Did You Know? article for the Main Page
- Finding ISBN Number Help:Finding the ISBN number of a book

- Managing Files Help:Managing files
- Userbox Help:Userbox

- Protected Pages Help:Protected pages
- Section Help:Section
- Deleting a Page Help:Deleting a page

Advanced Instructions
- How to Run/Manage a Wiki Project Help:How to Run or Manage a Wiki Project
- Wiki Trainer Help:Wiki Trainer
- Patrolled Edits Help:Patrolled edits
- Protecting and Unprotecting Pages Help:Protecting and unprotecting pages
- Range Blocks Help:Range blocks
- Assigning Permissions Help:Assigning permissions
- Sysops and Permissions Help:Sysops and permissions
Wiki Support/Foundation/Additional Notes
- Blocking Users Help:Blocking users
-Bots Help:Bots

Pages To Be Moved from Help Content



While we will not be revising the following FSW articles, we will be reviewing them, looking for:

  1. Information of a how-to nature that actually belongs in a Help article
    • When this is found, it will be noted on the talk page, and then after discussion (or after a week if there is no discussion) it will be removed to a Help article).
  2. Help articles related to these articles
    • If Help articles are found, we will do interlinking between the articles
    • If Help articles are NOT found, they will be created as needed and then interlinking will be done.
  3. Mirrored Maintenance Templates for the various policies.
    • The policies should be reviewed for whether or not a maintenance template should be created to go on articles to notify when policies are broken.
Topic Articles Relating to Topic Assigned
- Support Responsibilities Responsibilities and Projects
- Support Notes Foundation/Additional Notes
- Contributor Guidelines FamilySearch Wiki:Contributor guidelines
- Attack Pages FamilySearch Wiki:Attack pages
- Proper Content FamilySearch Wiki:Proper Content
- Image Use FamilySearch Wiki:Image use
- Verifiable FamilySearch Wiki:Verifiable
- Sandbox FamilySearch Wiki:About the Sandbox
- New Users FamilySearch Wiki:New users
- Signatures FamilySearch Wiki:Signatures
- Talk Page Guidelines FamilySearch Wiki:Talk page guidelines
- User Page FamilySearch Wiki:User page
- Civility FamilySearch Wiki:Civility and Polite Discourse
- Be Kind FamilySearch Wiki:Be kind to newcomers
- Personal Attacks FamilySearch Wiki:No personal attacks
Governance / TOS
- Conditions of Use FamilySearch Wiki:Conditions of Use
- Image Approval Policies FamilySearch Wiki:Image Approval Policies
- Policies FamilySearch Wiki:Policies
- Consensus FamilySearch Wiki:Consensus
- Copyright FamilySearch Wiki:Copyrights
- Disambiguation FamilySearch Wiki:Disambiguation
- Guiding Principles FamilySearch Wiki:Guiding Principles
- Moderator FamilySearch Wiki:Moderator
- Libel FamilySearch Wiki:Libel
- Ownership FamilySearch Wiki:Ownership of articles
- Policies FamilySearch Wiki:Policies
- Purpose FamilySearch Wiki:Purpose and Appropriate Topics
- Vandalism FamilySearch Wiki:Vandalism
- Help Namespace FamilySearch Wiki:Help namespace
- Namespace FamilySearch Wiki:Namespace
- Non English Wiki FamilySearch Wiki:Non-English versions of the wiki


Article Relating to This Topic Assigned
Portal:Get started with this site
Family_History_for_Beginners Needs deleting


Topic Articles Relating to This Topic Assigned
- Minor Edit Editing Help:Minor edit
- Reverting Editing FamilySearch Wiki:Reverting
- Dummy Edit Help:Dummy edit
- Quick Start Overview 1 Quick Start Overview 1: Major Features of the Wiki
- Quick Start Overview 3 Quick Start Overview 3: Registering with FamilySearch Research Wiki


Topic Articles Relating to This Topic Assigned Completed
- Wiki Cheatsheet Help:Wikitext Cheatsheet evancol evancol
- Edit Summary Legend Help:Edit summary legend evancol evancol
- New User Quickstart Help:Wiki Basics evancol evancol
- Wiki Terminology Help:Wiki Terminology evancol evancol
- Infobox Help:Infobox evancol evancol See note on discussion page -Fran
- Quick Date Box Help:Quick Date Box evancol evancol
- Historical Population Chart Help:Historical Population Chart evancol evancol
- Random Page Admin Settings Help:Random Page Admin Settings evancol evancol
Contributor Help Using the Wiki
Help:Basic Editing
Help:Simple edits you can make
Help:The Editing Tool
Help:Adding Links
Help:Create an internal link
Help:Create an external link
Help:Advanced Linking
Help:Name a new article
Help:Renaming a page
Help:Deleting a page
Help:Wiki markup

  • Review and complete the missing steps on the Maintenance Help pages
Article Sign to Help
General Cleanup
Stub Sorting
Content Cleanup
Content - Other
Administrative - Other

Review the Help Category of links

  • Do the subcategories all belong here? Should the Help category be only Contributor help, not genealogy research help - should there be a separate "Research Help" and "Contributor Help" category?
Everyone - needs discussion
  • Do the articles in the Help and How to articles categories make sense? Should there be more/less subcategories for Help articles?

Verify and fix the namespaces in Contributor Help articles so they all begin with "Help:"
  1. Find articles that teach about doing something in the Wiki that do not start with "Help:"
    1. Check the Help Category of links for article titles that do not begin with Help namespace
    2. Check the Tour/Edit & Contribute/Community center page links
    3. Rename articles to add the "Help:" prefix
evancol Evancol complete
See All articles in the Help namespace - we need to make sure that they are all categorized correctly based on the subcategorization done in the first step above.

WikiProject Members

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