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This is the Social Media WikiProject page. A focused community effort to create or revise content relating to a single topic.

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To develop information in the wiki about how to use social media as a resource for research.


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Genealogy Research Communities (GRC) Content

  • Evaluate content from GRC Admins Google Site
  • Move relevant data to the wiki in a way that applies to both GRC admins and the broader audience
  • Create and post new training content (5 minute training screencasts etc.)
  • Read the following Google Docs and include their content in the wiki (in your own words) as appropriate
  1. Opening the Doors to the Community
  2. Getting the Facebook Community to Engage
  3. Seven Effective Elements of a Post Added to: Facebook and Skype Community Administrators

How to use Social Media as a resource for Research and Sharing

  • Most of the current Social Media pages focus on use of social media by genealogy administrators
  • Add a separate section on existing wiki pages (Facebook, Twitter etc) that will explain the benefits of research help and sharing within social media for the average population

Communicating New Facebook Pages and Skype Groups

Categorize current Wiki pages into the Social Media category

  • Pages needing to be added to the category include the syllabi for several classes taught at conferences


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