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Recruiting  potential users/contributors

How collaborating on projects helps beginners, intermediates, and advanced genealogists
Use value propositions to attract new users/contributors

Value Propositions: a community that loves family history.

Record & Preserve genealogy knowlege from files and experience.

Genealogical information on records and places consolidated

Home Page
Community Center

Using the Wiki - page of links

Contributing to the Wiki

Is the Wiki for Me?

Recruiting potential users/contributors Accuracy and Collaboration

Offer opportunities for involvement in editing and contributing like welcoming committee,  partner with an editor and link to projects. Entice with:

Why use/contribute to the wiki? "Is the wiki for me?" and Everyone knows something of value.

Accuracy and Collaboration New title encouraging participation?

Help:Edit and Contribute

FamilySearch Wiki:Welcoming committee

Recruiting potential users/contributors Why we built FamilySearch wiki

The Vision: Why We Built FamilySearch Wiki

File:Purpose of FamilySearch Wiki - Supporting Family History Researchers through Online Communities.pdf 

Recruiting potential users/contributors Scope of the wiki

  FamilySearch Wiki:Purpose and Appropriate Topics
Recruiting potential users/contributors Guiding Principles   FamilySearch Wiki:Guiding Principles
 Recruiting potential users/contributors     Make it easy for newbies to connect with other users/contributors

Community Center

Recruiting potential users/contributors  
Shorten learning curve by connecting motivated beginners with experienced editors
Community Center
Recruiting potential users/contributors   Have "help" readily available for new users  
  Recruiting potential users/contributors   Clear paths for users/contributors/professionals Main Page

 Community Center

Projects Seeking Contributors

Beginner Material   How to Register and What you are registering for. New Page with new instructions for LDS Account - check if familysearch has one that can be modified.
  Beginner Material 


Beginner Material   Create User Page and talk page - purpose and use of Create page for creating user page?
Beginner Material Guiding Principles Help searching/using the wiki FamilySearch Wiki:Guiding Principles
Beginner Material Editing etiquette Basic editing etiquette - how to play nice in the sandbox -

FamilySearch Wiki:Avoid Edit Wars

FamilySearch Wiki:Etiquette Guidelines

Contributor Guidelines

Beginner Material Register 

Basic editing technical -
Italics, bold, headings, numbered lists, bullets

Join a project! Everyone knows something of value. 

How to Register with the Wiki
Beginner Material   Purpose and Use of Discussion pages  
Beginner Material Content license (Copyright) 
Create a New Page - naming conventions - copy & paste - basic copyright rules - basic internal/external linking

Text of the GNU Free Documentation License

Beginner Material Which browser to use when editing
Beginner Material Italics, bold, headings, numbered lists, bullets Citing Sources

Edit a page

Help:FCK Editor

Beginner Material   Guiding Principles  
Beginner Material   Watching Pages  
Beginner Material Copy and paste   

Copying and Pasting into a Wiki Page

Help:How to Convert a Microsoft Office Document into Wiki Format

Copy Spreadsheets into the Wiki

Beginner Material   Wiki Policies  
Beginner Material Naming a new page Categories Name a new article
Beginner Material Renaming a page
  Help:Renaming a page
Beginner Material Creating a new page   How to author an article in the Wiki
Beginner Material Creating a new unlinked page
  Create a page not linked from an existing page
Beginner Material Creating a new linked page
  Create a page linked from an existing page
Beginner Material Linking to wiki pages

 Create an internal link

Beginner Material Linking to other Websites
  Create an external link
Beginner Material      
Beginner Material      
Beginner Material      
Beginner Material Discussing page changes    Help:Talk pages
Beginner Material User pages and user Talk pages   Help:User page

Help:Discussion Pages (Talk Pages)

Beginner Material Community meeting
  FamilySearch Wiki community meeting