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This project centers around rewriting the U.S. Vital Records page and all the state vital records pages, such as Pennsylvania Vital Records. The project is being run by Franjensen. Ritcheymt is also assisting with scoping the project, defining sub-tasks, and recruiting volunteers.

Task Tracker

Requirement (AKA story)  Task Task in progress Mmark  Task in progress Healeyje Task in progress Blaylockjt Task in
Task in progress Ritcheymt  Hrs. est. Hrs. left Task complete Story Complete

Requirement Backlog

Category Requirement (AKA story)  Priority
  Vital Records Template FamilySearch Record Search
  Vital Records Template Ancestry (3)

Vital Records Template CDC
Vital Records Template Wee Monster
Vital Records Template ProGenealogist
Vital Records Template

US GenWeb

Vital Records Template Linkpendium
Vital Records Template FHL-Favorites
Vital Records Template FHL & FHLC & FHLcatalog
Vital Records Template Rootsweb
Vital Records Template Cyndy's List
Vital Records Template State Vital Records Offices
Vital Records Template County Offices
Vital Records Template Town Offices
Vital Records Template State Libraries
Vital Records Template State Historical Soc.
Vital Records Template Genealogical & Historical Soc.
Record Information Birth / Marriage / Death
Record Information Availability State /Time period
Record Information Content & Style: edger,reg. cert.
Record Information Anayzing and Interpretation of the record
Record Information Indexes-types/errors/ ethnic/don't stop
Record Information Privacy years
Record Information Records for Living
Record Information Ethnicity
Record Information Determine area ethnicity
Record Information Adoption
Record Information Divorce
Record Information Foreign B/M/D
Record Information Substitues
Record Information County Codes - Calif.& others
Record Information Finding aids
Record Information Definitions and Terms
Record Information Introduction-why records were created
Record Information Where to  get the records?
Record Information Record reliability
Record Information What to do next?
Record Information Tips
Record Information See Also
Architectue/Style Remove Civil Registration from title
Architectue/Style Guidelines for Footnote
Architectue/Style Guidelines for Bibliographies
Architectue/Style Template - State / County/ Territories
Architectue/Style Do one county as an example

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