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[[User:Klk3/sandbox3|KK thoughts]]  
[[User:Klk3/sandbox3|KK thoughts]]  
[[User:Ccsmith/sandbox/wiki|Ccsmith Sandbox]]
JV [[User:VasquezJL/Sandbox/Home|Version 1]] and [[User:VasquezJL/Sandbox/Home2|Version 2]]
=== Committees  ===
=== Committees  ===

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Overall Objectives

Under construction icon-blue.png

Please see the FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject page for basic instructions.

We need to list the Project meetings on the Community Meetings page and other places as needed.

List of Existing Beginners Pages

Links to Sandbox Pages with Suggested Formats

KK thoughts

Ccsmith Sandbox

JV Version 1 and Version 2


Register to Participate

Add in your information by editing the table.

Register for Wiki Project
Name Interest Contact Info (Email) Optional WikiUser Name
James Tanner Organization and Design
genealogyarizona@gmail.com jamestanner
Ken Knight O&D klknight@gmail.com Klk3

Meetings and Announcements

Past Meeting Minutes

Task Descriptions