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Overall Objectives

Under construction
To create entry and landing pages in the wiki that more clearly illustrate and describe the use of the wiki as a genealogical research tool; how it can enhance both beginning and advanced family historians' understanding of where and how to search for information concerning their ancestors; and to give more information to users who might be interested in helping in specific ways.
We are focusing on the following types of users:
  • Researchers & Research Helpers (Consultants, etc.)
  • Contributors
  • Maintenance workers (we believe we can draw more people in, who want to help in small ways by doing maintenance work)

Links to Sandbox Pages with Suggested Formats

Links to Comments and thoughts:


Add in your information by editing the table.
Name Interest Contact Info (Email) Optional WikiUser Name
James Tanner Organization and Design jamestanner
Ken Knight O&D Klk3
Janell Vasquez O&D VasquezJL
Lee Drew O&D Ldrew
Rorie Jenson O&D jenson1
Lise Embley Style/content/navigation Lembley

We are broken out into committees working on different landing pages. 
  • Lynda, Rorie, & Sandra:
  • Locating information about someone
  • Find ways you can help (things to do)
  • Things to Do in Supporting the Wiki
  • James & Danielle
  • Want more information about a specific locality/topic
  • Organize my genealogy information
  • Understand how the wiki is organized (for contributors with a little more experience)
  • Charles & Lee
  • Get started in doing genealogy research
  • Add something you know to the wiki (getting started steps)
  • Lise & Caroline
  • Connect with others - researchers
  • Connect with others - contributors
  • Jane, Ken, & Dennis
  • Learn how to use the wiki for research
  • Find Contributor Help articles
  • Training others to use the wiki and/or contribute to it

Meetings and Announcements

We currently meet every Friday. Anyone is welcome to attend.
  • Time: 8:30-10:30am MDT
  • Place: MeetingPlace ID# 5889
  • Go to MeetingPlace then enter the ID#
  • If needed, call 877-453-7266 and enter the ID#

Past Meeting Minutes



  • If anyone is having a hard time verbally describing a layout design they’d like considered, there are a number of free or inexpensive mockup applications available that can be used to create an image(s) to share with others.