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== <br> Contributing Support  ==
== <br> Contributing Support  ==
*'''[[User:Averyld/Sandbox5|Things to Do]]'''<br>
*'''[[User:Averyld/Sandbox5|Things to Do]]'''<br>  
*'''Engage in wiki care'''

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Researcher Pages

  • Page: Steps to get started / Link: Just getting started?
  • Page: How to start your genealogy / Link: Starting your genealogy
  • Page: A how-to guide for beginners / Link: A how-to guide

  • Page: Using the Wiki to find an ancestor / Link: Looking for an ancestor?
  • Alternate link text, needs condensing: Ancestor names aren't found in the Wiki, but see how the Wiki helps you find your ancestors
  • Case Studies: Using the Wiki - Case study #1/#2/#3
  • Finding My Ancestor using the Wiki
  • Page & Link: Wiki Tools
  • Learn how to use the wiki for research


  • Getting Individual Help - get or give individual help through FHCs, societies, forums, the Facebook pages, etc.
  • Resources for individual help
  • Making the Search Tips words a link to the Search Tips page
  • Link to the Help:Browsing the Wiki page (Add link under the Search Tips section)
  • Add Advanced Searching under Research Tools
  • Change Search Tips to Search Help and Tips:
  • Wiki search tips

Contributing Pages

  • Page/Link: Make your first edit
  • Share your knowledge by adding to the wiki  

Contributing Support