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Research Pages

  • Get started in doing genealogy research - new genealogists - how to get started. Could include some about using the wiki as a beginner.
  • Locating information about someone - success stories. Step by step how to get a good result on finding more information about an ancestor(s). Not for complete beginners - they at least have a name and a little info. (Example 1  |  Example 2  |  Example 3)
  • Learn how to use the wiki for research (for researchers with a little more experience) - more generic - explaining how the wiki works as a tool for research - use “what links here,” page navigation, features such as watching, topics, etc.
  • Want more information about a specific locality/topic - how the place pages work in the wiki
  • Organize my genealogy information - organization methods, software programs
  • Connect with others - FHCs, societies, forums, the Facebook pages, etc.

Contributing Pages

  • Find ways you can help (things to do)
  • Proofread articles
  • Add images to articles
  • Become a moderator
  • etc...

Contributing Support

  • Things to Do -