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This is a list of the WikiProjects that are currently active and working on content. Project teams are always seeking additional community members to help with their projects, so feel free to join a group and have fun!

If you would like help with organizing a new FamilySearch WikiProject, please contact FamilySearch or ask for help in the Contributor Help forums.

For projects that have been completed or inactive at this time, see Inactive.  Many of these projects could still use additional information.

Creating New Projects

If you would like to create a new project, follow the naming conventions for WikiProjects to help make your project easy to find:

  1. The name of the project should begin with the word "FamilySearch Wiki" and followed by a colon:
  2. After the colon type the word "WikiProject"
  3. Then type the name of the project. Example: FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject Utah
  4. Be sure to add the new project to the list below, under the subject heading that is related to the new project:

For more details about naming new WikiProject pages, see FamilySearch Wiki:Naming Conventions for Project Pages

United States Wiki Projects

Project Description
United States adding content that relates to the whole of the United States. Also scoping of tasks so that they are consistent throughout US State and US County pages.
Idaho adding content to the county pages of Idaho
Indians of North America The Indians of North America, including their history, types of records, the location of those records, web sites of interest, and much more
Utah Adding content to the county pages of Utah.
County Page Template Although most United States county pages have already been created this project will serve to document the basic elements that seem to make a good county page and provide ideas for continued improvement.

Europe Wiki Projects

Project Description
Denmark A collaborative effort to improve the coverage of Denmark-related articles on FamilySearch Research Wiki.
England Tasks await English experts, wiki experts, and volunteers willing to help with routine editing. Anyone willing to help can sign up now.
English parishes A child WikiProject of WikiProject England with a focus on improving the articles about the many hundreds of English parishes.
Sweden A collaborative effort to improve the coverage of Sweden-related articles on FamilySearch Research Wiki.
Wales Parish Template An effort to design parish pages that address the needs of Welsh family historians.
Wales adding content for articles about Wales

Wiki Content Improvement Projects

Project Description
FamilySearch Records Add content to articles describing collections on FamilySearch Historical Records
PERSI Linking Project Link wiki articles mentioning the Periodical Source Index to the main PERSI article
Julian and Gregorian Calendar Project The page is an article with very little content. Work with others or by yourself to improve the information on this page.
Barbour Collection Project A small article that needs lots of improvement! Work with others or by yourself to improve the content on this page.

Wiki Development Projects

Project Description
Professional Genealogists User Pages To help professional genealogical researchers market their services for free on their user pages.
Wiki Support
  1. Help contributors who make the wiki a better place to do research
  2. Keep the wiki clean by doing maintenance work in the wiki
  3. Help community members work together 
Topic Taxonomy Project Establishing a new taxonomy to be used as the way to structure topics on the Wiki.