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=== '''Attend Meetings/Training'''  ===
=== '''Attend Meetings/Training'''  ===
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=== '''Get Involved With Support'''  ===
=== '''Get Involved With Support (coming soon)'''  ===
=== '''[[FamilySearch Wiki:Wiki Support/To Do as Scheduled|To Do as Scheduled]]'''<br>  ===
=== '''[[FamilySearch Wiki:Wiki Support/To Do as Scheduled|To do as scheduled]]'''<br>  ===
=== [[FamilySearch Wiki:Wiki Support/Support Schedules|'''Support Schedule''']]  ===
=== [[FamilySearch Wiki:Wiki Support/Support Schedules|'''Support schedule''']]  ===
=== [[FamilySearch Wiki:Wiki Support/WikiProjects|'''Current Projects''']]  ===
=== [[FamilySearch Wiki:Wiki Support/WikiProjects|'''Current assigned projects''']]  ===
=== '''Content Project'''  ===
=== [[FamilySearch Wiki:Wiki Support/Best Practices|'''Best practices''']] ===
:Pick an area of the wiki that you would like to contribute to. It could be a place where you lived, a place where your ancestors lived, or a topic area. Contribute your knowledge to those pages in the wiki. Doing this will help you to be aware of issues that contributors are dealing with and will help you be successful in support.<br>
=== [[FamilySearch Wiki:Wiki Support/Things to do|'''Things to do - can you help?''']] ===
=== '''Learning about the Community'''  ===
Spend some time doing the following:
:#'''[https://www.familysearch.org/learn/forums/en/forumdisplay.php?f=81 Read the Contributor's Corner]'''
:#:Follow the conversations there; contribute where desired
:#'''[[Special:RecentChanges|View Recent Changes]]'''  
:#:Spend a few minutes reviewing the page of recent changes to learn about the wiki community and <span style="font-weight: bold;">the </span>'''changes '''are being made on various pages and '''by who'''. You will be surprised what you will learn just by looking through various changes that people make.
=== '''Responsibilities/Projects in need of help'''  ===
:#Improving the Help content - needs helpers - see above #6
:#Watching [http://getsatisfaction.com/familysearch/products/familysearch_familysearch_research_wiki '''Get Satisfaction'''] and [http://www.facebook.com/#!/familysearchwiki '''Facebook''']
:#Watch the [[:Category:Unresolved]]<br>
:#Watch FHC pages, fixing problems
:#Watch popular blogs for info to post to wiki; communicate with the organizations to let them know about the wiki and how they can use it
:Additional for consideraton:
#Correct leftover links to old FH sites
#Wikiproject pages that need to be moved to FamilySearch Wiki namespace
#Check for any pages that refer to Wiki registration that are out of date
#Categories - create a project on how we're going to handle these (Rorie &amp; Sandra?)
#Help Tour - under consideration with Main page changes
Helpful Links:
*[[FamilySearch Wiki:Image Approval Policies]]
*[[FamilySearch Wiki:Image use]]
*[[FamilySearch Wiki:Getting approval for Family History Library collection images to be used on FamilySearch Wiki]]
*[[Help:Uploading images and files]]
*[[Help:Submitting images for approval]]

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Wiki Support > Current Support Work

Attend Meetings/Training

Time (Mountian Time) Link to Meeting Attend: Agenda:
Support Staff Thurs 9:00 am click to attend - MP #3232  Weekly  Click
Contributor Discussion Thurs 1:00 pm click to attend - MP #7770  1x/month or more  Click
Technical Meeting  Thurs 2:00 pm  click to attend - MP # 7780  as needed  Click
New Contributor Training  Thurs 2:00 pm click to attend  as needed  Click

Get Involved With Support (coming soon)

To do as scheduled

Support schedule

Current assigned projects

Best practices

Things to do - can you help?