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:*[[FamilySearch Wiki:Policies]]
:*[[FamilySearch Wiki:Policies]]
== General Information ==
== General Information ==
*[[Help:Diff]] - understanding the difference between two edits on a given page.
== Content Policies  ==
== Content Policies  ==

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Administrators are expected to have an intimate understanding of the FamilySearch Research Wiki policies and guidelines. They are expected to consistently demonstrate comprehension of all policies and guidelines. This is especially paramount regarding the use of abilities entrusted to administrators and several roles related to administration which are unavailable to regulars users and editors of the FamilySearch Research Wiki.

The following items are considered highly recommend reading material. These pages detail prerequisite knowledge required my those who serve in administrative roles.

Your Foundational Knowledge

General Information

  • Help:Diff - understanding the difference between two edits on a given page.

Content Policies



Page Protection






  • Note this sections above can be changed as needed. They are only place-holders for ideas related to content that all new administrators, tier 2 personnel, tier 3 personnel, missionaries, and volunteers need to know as they begin participation in supporting all aspects of the wiki. See Wikipedia:Administrators' reading list as an example. Also see Wikipedia categories for "New admin school" and "Wikipedia adminship" for additional documentation ideas.