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Possible page design changes

As the list of templates grows for maintenance work, I'm not sure that this page should remain the same as it is today. I'm hopeful that anyone watching this page will have some ideas about:

  • How to improve the page itself
  • Should this page just continue to get longer and longer as new templates are added?
  • How to improve the current templates (size of flag, text on the flag, etc?)
  • How to incorporate this page with the rest of maintenance. I guess this question is about the overall design of maintenance projects and tasks.
  • The bottom section of this page was added to help with monitoring the pages that currently have a maintenance template added to the page. With the implementation of the new FamilySearch Wiki:Maintenance page I don't think the section at the bottom of this page is needed anymore. I'm open for discussions and welcome your feedback and ideas for improvement. --Fran 19:51, 3 March 2010 (UTC)