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[[Family History Library#Group_Visits|Family History Library]][[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[Family History Library/Group Visit Options|Group Visit Options]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] '''Group Activities'''  
[[Family History Library#Group_Visits|Family History Library]][[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[Family History Library/Group Visit Options|Group Visit Options]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] '''Group Activities&nbsp; <br>'''
=== Group Activities  ===
We have organized our group activities with a little bit of fun in mind! Please be aware that the Scavenger Hunt is an activity where you search for answers all over the library. The remainder of the group activities will be held in the computer lab.
==== Library-wide Activity  ====
Please see the following link to view this page:
[https://familysearch.org/learn/wiki/en/Family_History_Library/Group_Visit_Options Family History Library/Group Visit Options]
===== Scavenger Hunt  =====
Grab a scavenger hunt in the lobby and you're off hunting the five floors of the library! We will organize you in small groups of 2-4 people and we have many different scavenger hunts. As you find answers, you will be surprised at what you learn about the library! (about 45 minutes)<br>
==== Computer Lab Activities  ====
The following group activities are interactive, and held in a computer lab. Each person will be working on his own computer. We have two computer labs, one with 23 computers and another one with 30 computers. (20-45 minutes)
===== Super Heroes  =====
:Do you like super heroes? How about learning more about your ancestors? This activity will teach you about both, with you looking up real people on FamilySearch.org that have the names of famous super heroes!<br>
===== Pioneers  =====
:Want to follow the Mormon pioneers on their trek across the United States? Here are questions that not only teach you how to use FamilySearch.org, but have a common thread that you must find.
===== National Parks  =====
:Similar to Pioneers, this activity is centered on teaching you how to do family history online. Remember to look for the thread!
===== 12 Pens  =====
:An activity that is set more for young adults and above, this activity will help you look for twelve operatives that are doing their best to cover their trail. You will be looking for clues and pieces in order to complete the whole puzzle.
===== Cartoons  =====
:With the young kids in mind, this activity will have them giggling with delight as they look for their favorite Disney characters and others in a fun, interactive session about family history.
===== Are You Smarter?  =====
:We all know about Jeff Foxworthy, right? Well then, prepare to do family history and go back to your elementary school days...at the same time!
===== Familysearching  =====
:This activity, themed for teenagers and young adults, will rock your world as you look for famous people from all walks of life and history using FamilySearch.org. Players, dig this, when this is finished, you'll all be a family history whiz!
===== Heroes and Villains<br>  =====
:Ever wanted to find the good guys and bad guys? Well, you won't be able to in this activity, but you will find real deceased individuals who have the same name as these comic and cartoon characters.
===== Kids FamilySearch<br>  =====
:Want the young ones to have some family history fun, but not sure how? Your solution is finally here! This simple activity was created with the young'uns in mind. They'll get to find out the basics of family history!
===== Rulers of the Middle Ages<br>  =====
:Ever thought of being a king or queen? In this game, you'll look for people that have the same names as famous monarchs during the Dark Ages. Now, for the first time in Familysearch history, you get a chance of dealing with royalty!<br>
===== Significant Individuals of the Middle Ages<br>  =====
:Similar to the above activity, this game is centered on the Dark Ages, with players searching for people that were influential in their respective times and places.<br>
===== Christmas Myths<br>  =====
:Ever wanted to know where the traditions of Christmas started? Or who started them? This Christmas game can help you learn all about these facts! Enjoy and Merry Christmas!
===== Find Me<br>  =====
:Got a large group that wants to learn? Find Me is a uniquely created game for youth to learn about different types of historical records with some humorous names. Youth will work together to accomplish this game.
===== Famous Individuals of the United States of America<br>  =====
:Were you ever interested in where famous people came from in the United States? This game introduces 50 famous individuals from 50 states and a little information about each person.
===== Vikings<br>  =====
:Are you interested in Vikings and like learning about them? This fun activity is meant for just that. Come play and learn even more about vikings, who they are, and where they came from.
===== Who Wants to be a Family History Pro<br>  =====
:Do you like the game Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Well, now you can play that very game. Race against your group members to get to the top while learning little facts about historical individuals.
===== Thomas the Tank Engine<br>  =====
:Got children that love Thomas the Tank Engine? Now they can learn more about each character and search for real people that these fun characters came from.
===== Mythology<br>  =====
:Like learning about mythology from the Middle East? Mythology gives you short facts to read and can help you learn more about each mythological creature and where they originated from.
===== Illusions<br> =====
:Ever wondered where illusions really came from? This game can help you learn about some creators of different illusions. It also gives you some history of each creator chosen.
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