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Do a Keyword Search if you cannot find an item with another search or if you do not know an exact place, author, title, or subject. This is particularly useful for locating records of European towns.

A Keyword Search looks for entries that contain the word(s) you typed by searching the following fields:

  • "Title"
  • "Author"
  • "Statement of Responsibility"
  • "Subjects"
  • "Series"
  • "Notes," including "Film Notes"

Steps to Search by Keyword

1.  Go to

2.  Click the Family History Library Catalog link under the heading Search Genealogy Records & Library.

3.  Click Keyword Search.

4.  Type a word or phrase

5.  Click Search

6.  Click a title to see more details

7.  If there is a film of the record, click View Film Notes

How Do I Understand the Results of a Keyword Search?

A Keyword Search results in a list of titles in relevance-ranked order, which means that titles that most likely match your search appear higher on the list.

If you do not find the catalog entry you want, you may want to modify your search by adding or deleting keywords.