Family History for the Flummoxed

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This page and the links that go with it have been created for those have a desire to create or extend their family history, but who are uncertain as to how to proceed. Things leading to getting "flummoxed" may include:

  1. Being a beginner.
  2. Not finding family records for a particular time and place.
  3. Lacking a method or plan to move ahead with your family's history.

Our hope here is to ask you a few questions that will both help you to move ahead and to enjoy the journey. Which of the following represents your primary interest in Family History:

  1. Curiosity about what I might find.
  2. Interest in a particular family name (surname).
  3. Find a family crest and/or heraldry.
  4. Extend one or more specific family lines.
  5. Leave a Family History legacy for my descendants.
  6. Do L.D.S. ordinance work for my ancestors.

Please just click on one of the above to start your journey. By the way, you can always return here and pick a different option.

View video The Joy of Genealogy and Family History: Link to video