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Farmington, Maine  
Farmington, Maine  
Historical Facts&nbsp;<br>
&nbsp;Boundary Changes
<br><br><br><br><br>&nbsp;Neighboring Counties <br><br><br><br>
&nbsp;Records and Resources <br>Birth, Marriage, and Death <br>Birth <br>Marriage <br>Death
Obituaries | Cemeteries
Census <br>1850
[edit] Church Records <br>(These records relate to records about individuals. Cross reference to Religious Groups if there is information to add about histories of entire groups of people.)
<br>[edit] Court Records
[edit] Ethnic, Political, and Religious Groups <br>[edit] African Americans <br>[edit] American Indians <br>[edit] Etc. <br>(Religious Groups here refers to information about entire groups of people and their histories.)
<br>[edit] Genealogy
(In this section belongs information about compiled genealogies of people who lived here and links to blogs about the county of a more general nature.)
[edit] History <br>(In this section belongs information about the history of the county and links to sites with historically significant images.)
[edit] Land and Property
<br>[edit] Maps
[edit] Military <br>[edit] Civil War <br>[edit] World War II
[edit] Newspapers <br>See also: Obituaries
[edit] Obituaries
[edit] Probate Records
[edit] Repositories <br>[edit] County Courthouse <br>[edit] Archives <br>[edit] Libraries <br>[edit] Family History Centers
[edit] Social Groups Online <br>[edit] Forums and Message Boards <br>[edit] Mailing Lists <br>[edit] Research Groups <br>(for example, county-specific Facebook groups)
<br>[edit] Societies
[edit] Taxation
[edit] Voter Registration
[edit] Places / Localities
[edit] References <br>

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Farmington, Maine