Fiji Census

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The first census in Fiji was enumerated in 1881. It consisted of: Return of the total population -- Census of Fijians (Provincial dept.) -- Agricultural returns for 1880 (European) -- Return births, deaths & marriages 1880 (Fijian) -- Causes of deaths (Europeans) 1876-1880 -- Meteorological returns 1880. These returns are on FHL US/CAN Film 833153.

Other censuses have been enumerated in 1911, 1921, 1936, 1946, and every ten years since. You can find statistical analysis but no names for these censuses online.

Items enumerated in each census by law include:

1. Names, sex and age
2. Occupation, profession, trade, employment
3. Nationality, birthplace, race, language, health
4. Place of abode, character of dwellings and fittings
5. Condition as to marriage, relation to head of family, issue born in marriage
6. Religion
7. Livestock
8. Any other matters with respect to which it is desirable to obtain statistical information with a view to ascertaining the social or civil condition of the population.