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Using Location information to find an ancestor

Knowing a locality can be very helpful in locating information about an ancestor.  Following are the steps taken to find an ancestor who had lived in Miami County, Ohio.

Known facts:

  • The ancestor's name
  • His probably birth state (New York)
  • The location where he spent most of his time in Ohio
  • Names of his wife and family

Unknown facts:

  • His exact birthplace
  • How he got to Ohio
  • Documented sources for his marriage
  • What happened to him (he disappeared and was not heard from again)

The Search Process:

1. Searched the Miami County, Ohio article to  see what information was available there.

  • There was a link to the Miami Valley Genealogy Index under the heading of Genealogy.
  • The link led to a page on the internet for the Miami Valley Genealogy Index.
  • That page had the option to search for someone with the first letter of their surname and then the surname, itself.
  • The surname was entered and the ancestor's name appeared with a list of transactions, including deeds and his marriage year.
  • This was an index, so no further information was available, but there are book and page numbers listed for further research. That will be pursued at a later date.

2. The Miami County, Ohio article also had a section for "Local Histories"

  • There was a link for The History of Miami County, Ohio, published 1880, W. H. Beers & Co., which was available at FamilySearch.
  • Following that link led to the book, which had been digitized and could be viewed and downloaded.
  • Searching through the book revealed information for the ancestor that included:
  • His birthdate
  • His occupation
  • Other places of residence
  • The names of his wife and children
  • Birth information for his wife