First Families and Early Settlers of Montana, Volumes I and II

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The Montana State Genealogical Society has published pioneer books, submitted by descendants, titled


The following information for each of the two volumes may be found in the online index:

  • Name
  • Volume number
  • Page number

To find the index:

The full information may include:

  • Name of husband and wife
  • Birth, marriage and death information
  • Name of submitter
  • Photographs
  • Sources of proof
  • Stories about the settlers (about half of a printed page)

Here are several options in accessing the full information:

  • 1. You may purchase Volume 1 and/or Volume 2. There is an online order form on the website.
  • 2. A microfilm copy of the first volume and a microfiche copy of the second volume is in the Family History Library collection. Do a Title Search in the online Family History Library Catalog to obtain the film/fiche number.

Internet address

or do a search for Montana first families/early settlers


The indexes (by submitter or settler) to the first two volumes are free on the website.