Flintshire Cemeteries

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Periodicals give information about cemeteries.  Add here

Thomas, Bryan. An Interesting Gravestone. Information on a gravestone in Ysceifiog church yard, the parish register and Hawarden Record Office enabled author to produce a four generation family tree, Surnames are Hughes, Bulkley, Jones, Mathew and Thomas. Article covers years 1753-1896, to be found in the journal called Hel Achau, #2, winter, 1980 pages 23-24, Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h

Wynne-Woodhouse, Bill.  Catholic Burials at Holywell in the Early 19th Century.  A list of Catholic burials in St. James Churchyard and Parish register entries raise a question about tolerance of Anglicans toward non-conformists. The list gives date, name, residence, and age and covers years from 1826-1878. Hel Achau, #33, April 1991, pages 12-13, Family History Library Ref. 942.93 D25h