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Note: This page is part of the Flummoxed series and made to help those who haven't found family history information in the usual places. More information about searching the usual places is on the Flummoxed - Extending Family Lines page.

Before We Go On, Please Decide:

Ask yourself, if the birth or marriage record the ancestor you are trying to find were correctly extracted and put into an online database—

I would recognize my ancestor

I already have sufficient, unique, identifying information about my ancestor such as:

  • An exact date of birth.
  • A country of origin plus at least a region, province, or district of birth.
  • Additional given names.
  • A very unusual surname.
  • A father's name.
  • A mother's name.
  • The first and maiden name of a spouse also from the place of origin.
  • The spouse's father's name.
  • The spouse's mother's name.

If you believe you already have enough information to make a positive identification, then click here.

I would NOT recognize my ancestor

If you have very little specific information about an ancestor who also has a common name, then click here.