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Residents in Ny Hollænderby (now called Frederiksberg) had received permission from King Frederik III, to establish a church. For many years, the priests of the church were either German or Dutch. In 1636, the church finally became a parish and was called Frederiksberg parish.

From 1747 to 1891, Hvidovre parish was an annex parish to Frederiksberg.

The following is a chronological list of changes to the parish:

  • 1880 - part of the parish went to both de Classenske boliger and Skt. Matthæus parishes.
  • 1897 - part of the parish was given to Skt. Lukas parish.
  • 1898 - part of the parish went to Skt. Thomas parish.
  • 1902 - part of the parish went to Skt. Markus parish.
  • 1908 - a part of the parish was given to Solbjerg parish.
  • 1926 - a part of the parish was given to Lindevangs parish.
  • 1931 - again, a part of the parish was given to Solbjerg parish.
  • 1953 - another portion of the parish was again given to Solbjerg parish.
  • 8 May 1954 - part of Kristkirken parish was annexed by Frederiksberg parish.

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Frederiksberg Parish
Stift (diocese) Add here
Pastorat (chapelry) Add here
Amt (county) 1662 - 1793 København
Amt (county) 1794 - 1970 København
Herred (district) Frederiksberg
Kommune (municipality) Add here
1788 – 1793 Lægd number 15
1794 – 1869 Lægd number 12
Gods (estate) Add here

Street Names

Absalonsgade, Alhambravej, Allegade, Amicisvej, Asgaardsvej, Asmussens Alle, Aurikelvej Valby, Azaleavej Valby, Aasgaardsvej

Badevej, Bag Søndermarken Valby, Bakkegaards Alle, Boyesgade, Brensteds Alle, Brøndsteds Alle

Carit Etlars Vej, Carl Bernhards Vej

Dannebrosgade, Doktor Priemes Vej

Edisonsvej, Engtoftevej

Farimagsvej, Frederik den 6tes Alle, Frederiksberg Alle Frederiksberg Bredergade, Frederiksberg Have, Frederiksberg Runddel, Frederiksberg Slot, Frydendalsvej, Frydsvej

Gammel Kongevej, Gasværksvej

Halls Alle, Hauchsvej, Haveselskabetsvej, Henrik Ibsens Vej, Hollændervej, Hortensiavej


Jacobys Alle, Jasminvej

Kammasvej, Kingosgade, Kristinedalsvej, Kochsvej


Madvigs Alle, Maglekildevej, Magnoliavej Valby, Martensens Alle, Mynstersvej, Møllervej

Normansvej Valby, Nyvej


Paludan Mullers Vej, Pelargonievej Valby, Pile Alle, Plantanvej

Rahbeks Alle, Roskildevej

Sankt Thomas Alle, Schlegels Alle, Spiræavej Valby, Sønder Fasanvej

Valby Langgade, Valdemarsgade, Vej forbi Amerika, Vej til Kongensenghave, Vesterbro, Vesterbrogade, Vesterfælledvej, Vesterports Ravelin, Viktoriagade, Værnedamsvej

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