Fryslân or Friesland Court Records

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Seeing that in Fryslân the Frisian language is spoken, you may have a difficult time reading the court records. The Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah has some of the court records and you can find them in their catalog under Friesland as well as under individual towns, which then will give you the book call number or the film number.

There are, however, also websites with a wide variety of records. Again, some may be in in Frisian, but often the cases are alphabetised, see:

This (preliminary) list of names is based on three manuscripts in the Provincial Library of Friesland (PBF for short). First is the alphabetical list of lawyers (1577-1805) used by shot at and between the sheets are printed for Naamrol of Precious Lord Mightinesses Councils' s Hoffs of Friesland, Leeuwarden 1742. The signature of the single band is Hs 391 f. The convoluut is an endorsement by the city archivist Leeuwarder W. Eekhoff in April 1876 for the Frisian Society in an auction purchased. Perhaps it was the auction Eyso Wendt. Second is using the name chronological list of all the lawyers, registered in the matricula of the old Court of Friesland and in monitoring the tableaux of the former tribunal of first instance and that of the provincial court of justice, of the 1577 YEARLY to 1850. This name list was made in 1850 by provincial librarian and archivist J. van Leeuwen in 1857 and purchased by the Frisian Society. Like the first manuscript was in the sixties of our century transferred to the Provincial Library. Hs is the signature in 1481 under the vault of the OJ kept. The third manuscript is drawn from which bears the signature 6142 Hs. Convoluut This is a chronological list of names of the Lord Lawyers for Court of Friesland. This roster covers the years 1578-1779. The following list is arranged chronologically, the registration dates listed in the order year, month, day, additional - not verified - information concerning employment, career and / or death. The statements in the sources are not always conclusive: variants are in parentheses. Comparison with the original matrikel in the Archives, archives of the Court of Friesland MMM indicated a questionable registration dates or spellings of names often result, the index J. Visser, access 13,126 More Archives, consulted, and the Name List G 57 and G 58 ditto richly annotated in the municipal archives. Most lawyers had a doctorate in law, several dozen magistrates (title Mr.), with some in the original matrikel no heading. From 1811, each lawyer is a master in law (title Mr.) Persons who have squandered their own property could not manage were "prodigus declared. In the last quarter of the 18th century, the number of expelled names. The alphabetical list, the second half of this release, except the sorting names in content similar to the chronological list. Reason for the issuance of these names is the tender 400 years ago (November 5, 1595) by Johannes Saeckma (1572-1636) as a lawyer at the Court of Friesland.

  • Notaries in Friesland Name List of Notaries in Friesland 1606-1850. This list starts in chronological order, starting with 1606-1850 and then continues the alphabetical list, starting with Abbema, Dirk
  • [ Register of assumed names ("naamsaanneming") 1811

At the bottom left side there is a search area (Directly to), you click on the arrow, scroll down till you get to "Family names 1811". Here you will find the records for the name changes Napoleon ordered for those who used 'patronymic' names.

As is stated on the web-site: "Inheritance tax memoranda allow researchers the opportunity to gain insight into the financial situation of their ancestors. Moreover, information can be found within them about family members that would otherwise be difficult to come by. This database contains an index of all of the Inheritance Tax Memoranda that have been preserved from the period 1818 to 1902".