Fryslân or Friesland Municipalities after 1984

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Fryslân or Friesland Municipalities after 1984


Stynsgea (Augustinusga) · Boelensloane (Boelenslaan) · Bûtenpost (Buitenpost) · Droegeham (Drogeham) · Gerkeskleaster-Strobos (Gerkesklooster-Stroobos) · De Harkema (Harkema) · Koatstertille (Kootstertille) · Surhústerfean (Surhuisterveen) · Surhuzem (Surhuizum) · Twizel (Twijzel) · Twizelerheide (Twijzelerheide)


The island has four villages, and one small part-village.

In former days, there were two other villages: Oerd and Sier, but these were drowned and now lie in the sea. The name of these villages live on in MS Oerd and MS Sier, which are the names of the ferries to the island. From East to West:

Hollum, the most populated village, and home of the lighthouse. This town has all the main things on the island. Ballum, the smallest village on Ameland, but also the capital. It is the location of the airport (Ameland Airport).

Nes, this is the second largest village on the island. As it is the place where the ferry from the mainland arrives, a lot of tourists stay here and enjoy the sights.

Buren (also known as Bueren), close to Nes. t'Oerd is also close to this village.

t'Oerd (also known as Oerd), located on the east of the island, this area is mostly beaches and dunes. There is only one footpath here, and no trails for bicycles or cars. There are many animals including birds that live in the area. There are no homes, buildings or public places there in Oerd. (Dutch names in brackets)