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=== Whiteboard Photographs  ===
=== Whiteboard Photographs  ===
Click on a thumbnail to see a larger-sized image.[[Image:GenealogicalStandardsWhiteboardLeftSide.jpg|thumb|Issues (left side of whiteboard)]][[Image:GenealogicalStandardsWhiteboardRightSide.jpg|thumb|Groupings (right side of whiteboard)]][[Image:GenealogicalStandardsWhiteboard2ndHour.jpg|thumb|Governance (second hour notes)]]  
Click on a thumbnail to see a larger-sized image.[[Image:GenealogicalStandardsWhiteboardLeftSide.jpg|thumb]][[Image:GenealogicalStandardsWhiteboardRightSide.jpg|thumb]][[Image:GenealogicalStandardsWhiteboard2ndHour.jpg|thumb]]  
=== Groupings  ===
=== Groupings  ===
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Some issues might best be solved at different levels or by different groups.  
Some issues might best be solved at different levels or by different groups.  
=== External Links<br>  ===
*Jordan Jones, "[http://www.genealogymedia.com/2011/02/14/rootstech-2011-data-model/ RootsTech 2011: Towards a New Genealogical Data Model]," ''GenealogicalMedia.com'' (www.genealogymedia.com&nbsp;: dated 14 February 2011, 12:21 am).<br>
=== Contact Information  ===
=== Contact Information  ===

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Notes from an open discussion moderated by the Ancestry Insider, held at the RootsTech 2011 Conference.

Attendees are invited to add notes of their own. A big "thank you" is due Pat M. for being our session scribe.


Issue Notes Group

Attribution When data is copied, credit is copied with it

Data in proprietary format
Ease of use i.e. data re-entry
Persistent URL's Average life is 100 days
Guidance for new users
Unstructured Text
Tag & link
Research process Evidence should be an independent class like persons, families, and sources.
Inconsistent search experience
Data versioning

Transfer rich data Photos, sources, scanned documents. Embedded or linked. Metadata in jpeg.
Inability to do cross-repository search Lack standard metadata or exposure. 2
Documentation Sources, citations. Automatic, user assisted, transferring, ... 1, 3
Key as seen (Representation). To surface in search results, the data must be standardized. Error rates for interpretation. 1
Static data interchange GEDCOM standard not updated by FamilySearch. 1

Whiteboard Photographs

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger-sized image.


  1. Data interchange. Exchange uninterpreted data linked with standardized data.
  2. Searchability
  3. Documentation/Sources


Governance of a standard can be provided by:

  1. a vendor,
  2. a consortium of vendors,
  3. an existing standards body, or
  4. a new organization or community.

Perhaps a community led governance body started and assisted by FamilySearch would be appropriate.

Some issues might best be solved at different levels or by different groups.

External Links

Contact Information


Robert Gardner of Google volunteered to help any vendors who want Google to index the content that is only accessible with a subscription. His contact information is:

Robert D. Gardner, Ph.D.
Software Engineer
19540 Jamboree Road
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Irvine, CA 92612