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== Overview == A multilingual website where Dutch genealogists can freely publish their genealogical data and images. Additional services include matching of ancestors between family trees and Scan Searching, where suggestions are given (based on the genealogical data) of scans at organisations like archives and FamilySearch. This service is provided by Coret Genealogie (a Bob Coret company). == Content == *Many family trees (18 million persons). *Many images, like photos and scans (over 356 thousand). *Many devotional pictures (over 320 thousand). *Ability to contact the researchers. == Internet address == * (in Dutch) * (in English) * (in German) * (in French) == Cost == Free and premium subscription possible. *Donations are welcome! == Sister websites == *Stamboom Forum, a social network for Dutch genealogists *Stamboom Gids, a directory of genealogical websites in Dutch *Familie Archivatris, treasure your family history, make a digital family archive *Genealogie Werkbalk, which provides a browser toolbar to search Dutch genealogical sources *Genealogie Gazet, online inspirational magazine for Dutch genealogists