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WHEN:  Thursday 2:30 - 3:00 MST (4:30 - 5:00 EST) See you there!

WHERE:  Online with MeetingPlace

MeetingPlace ID 6173 Link to Meeting or call 801 240-2663 then follow the prompts.

PURPOSE: Support

1) If you are new to family history and/or new to using the Wiki, this meeting is for you!  You may receive support in using and contributing to the Wiki and direction in your personal research.

2) Project leaders with  Wiki projects may find these meetings a good place to meet and recruit team members for your projects.  New users will learn about the Wiki from you and other members of your project team.

3) The Family history research community naturally reaches out to one another in sharing and mentoring each other. As we learn and share what we know, we will experience the support of collaboration and the sweetness of success. Together, we will find our ancestors! 


28 Feb 2010 Agenda

14 Mar 2010 Agenda

25 Mar 2010 Agenda

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6 May 2010 Agenda

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Meeting Notes

12/01/2010 – Editing and Adding Links

Discussion on Wiki pages: Editing & Contribute – Basic Editing

An internal link provides a link to other pages in the FamilySearch wiki.
An external link provides a link to pages that are not part of the FamilySearch wiki.
Using Rich Editor to add internal and external links.
Using Standard Editor and Wikitext to add code manually for features not enabled in the rich editor, including internal or external link.
Linking URL.

Guest: 5