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{{U.S. Civil War}} {{U.S. Military}}
{{U.S. Civil War}} {{U.S. Military}}
[[Category:United_States_Civil_War,_1861_to_1865]] [[Category:US Indian Wars, 1780s-1890s]]
[[Category:United_States_Civil_War,_1861_to_1865]] [[Category:US Indian Wars, 1780s-1890s]] [[Category:United States in Spanish-American War, 1898]] [[Category:United States in Philippine Insurrection, 1899 to 1902]]

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"General Index to Pension Files, 1861-1934" (NARA T288) The collection relates to service between 1861 and 1916. This index is similar to the "Organization Index". It is arranged in a different format, however. The index is arranged by the veteran’s or widow’s name and his unit, rank, date and application number, certificate number if accepted, and state of filing.

The actual pension records that the "Organization Index" and "General Index" cards refer to are currently only available through the National Archives. See Civil War ‘Widows’ Pensions for more information.

Content of the Records:

  • Name
  • Name of dependent (widow or child)
  • Service (often company and regiment)
  • Date of application filing
  • Application number
  • Certificate number (if pension was approved)
  • State where application was filed
  • Attorneys name
  • Remarks



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