Georgetown District, South Carolina

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United StatesGotoarrow.pngSouth CarolinaGotoarrow.pngGeorgetown District

  • Not to be confused with Georgetown County created in 1800 by renaming Winyah County. From 1800 to 1868 that Georgetown County was also known by the alias of Georgetown District.


Georgetown District was created in 1768 by renaming Craven County.[1] See the 1768 South Carolina map.

In 1785 four subordinate counties were formed within the overarching Georgetown District:

Prior to 1798 none of these counties became functional. They were counties in name only. Records were kept either at the parish level, at the District Seat level in Georgetown, or at the capital in Charleston.[2] See the 1785 South Carolina Map.

In 1800, South Carolina abolished overarching administrative court districts like Georgetown District, and switched to the county-only concept. An all new Georgetown County was created in 1800 by renaming Winyah County. However they called their counties, districts until 1868, after the Civil War. [3]

Georgetown District had 22,938 free inhabitants and 16,568 slaves in 1800, according to The American Universal Geography by Jedidiah Morse (1805). The population of Georgetown District in the 1840 census was 18,274, according to The Geography of South Carolina by William Gilmore Simms (1844), which says that only 2,281 of these were free. The latter source also noted that, at the time of publication, Georgetown District only comprised two parishes: All Saints and Prince George.

For documents of people who lived in this area from 1768 to 1800, look in:[4]

Boundary Changes

"Rotating Formation South Carolina County Boundary Maps" (1682-1987) may be viewed for free at the My South Carolina Genealogy website. The maps rely on AniMap 3.0 software.



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