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Problem #1: Are records that are missing from the collection available?
Answer #1: See answers below.

  • Birth/christening records that were previously viewed on FamilySearch may not currently be available on-line. This collection is one of three collections that were formed from a previous large FamilySearch collection. When the new collections were published, some of the records were omitted. This issue is being researched to determine when and if the purged records can be recovered. Since all of the records were extracted from microfilms that are still available, any missing records can be located by searching the Library Catalog and viewing the relevant films at a FamilySearch Center.
  • Many records of christenings that occurred in Germany have been wrongly attributed to parishes in England. These records have been extracted in the Batches listed below, with the corresponding film numbers and incorrect parishes.
C00111-6 1055681 Stiftskirche Stuttgart, Württemberg Warkworth, Northumberland
C00111-7 872873 Stadtlohn, Westfalen, Preußen Warkworth, Northumberland
C00018-1 1055937 Cannstatt (Stuttgart), Württemberg Low Dinsdale, Durham
C00031-2 1055592 Gaisburg (Stuttgart), Württemberg Smalley, Derby
C00031-3 1055601 Heslach (Stuttgart), Württemberg Smalley, Derby
C00060-3 1192256 Hockenheim, Baden Great Stainton, Durham
C00060-4 1192256 (Sennfeld) Hockenheim, Baden Great Stainton, Durham
C00084-6 1056764 Beihingen (OA. Ludwigsburg), Württemberg Ryton, Durham
C00098-8 572069 Linz, Rheinland, Preußen Heworth, Durham
C00098-9 572069 Linz, Rheinland, Preußen Heworth, Durham
C00099-0 572069 Linz, Rheinland, Preußen Lowick, Northumberland
C00185-8 1055883 Mohringen (OA Stuttgart) Neckar, Wurttemberg Colyton, Devon
C00225-7 957271 Sankt Emmeran, Mainz, Hessen Greystoke, Cumberland
C00371-9 1055655 Stuttgart, Württemberg Ampthill, Bedford

Problem #2: Some indexed entries have missing or incorrect information regarding the birth date, birth place, baptism/christening place, or film number. Is the missing/correct information available?

Answer #2: See answers below.

  • The birth date and birth place may be erroneously excluded from an indexed entry. In such cases, this information can be found on the search results page (prior to opening the record).
  • Records from indexing project (batch) number C99394-3 include the wrong film number (397733). The correct film is #367733.
  • Baptism/christening entries from indexing project (batch) number C99892-1 appear in the collection twice for each person, with two different baptism/christening places. The correct baptism/christening place is Kamin (Kr. Flatow), Westpreußen, Preußen, Germany. These entries include source film number 587549 and system origin Germany-EASy. (The erroneous entries include a baptism/christening place of Hoehe Evangelische, Soest, Westfalen, Prussia, source film number 998171, and system origin Germany-ODM.)

Problem #3: Is it possible to search Batches C995911 and C995912?

Answer #3: For Batches C995911 and C995912, an advanced search does not yield complete results; some record summaries are blank. Although the full entries can be viewed for these records, only those with complete search results can be filtered.

You can order and view this microfilm at a local FamilySearch Center. For instructions, see: "Ordering Microfilm or Microfiche from a Family History Center"

Another option is to order a copy of the record through our Photoduplication Services department. For information and an order form, see: Photoduplication Services

 If you encounter additional problems with this collection, feel free to e-mail us at Please include the following information:
○ The name of this collection.
○ If searching this collection, include the name and details of the individual with the problem, including name, event, dates and places.
○ If you are reporting a technical issue, please include your operating system and browser version (i.e. Windows XP, Internet Explorer 8)

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