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Ghana with its current borders has only existed for approximately hundred years. Earlier on several kingdoms inhibited the area, each with their own history, which are only briefly mentioned on this page. Similar to most of Africa, the history of pre-colonial Ghana is not known in complete details. This is due to years of neglect from colonisers and western historians, but also has to do with the nature of traditional African storytelling, which is oral (not written). [http://crawfurd.dk/africa/ghana_timeline.htm Read more…]
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* [http://www.linkedwords.com/local-search/local.php?REQ=Ghana family genealogy Ghana Mailing Lists]
* [http://www.linkedwords.com/local-search/local.php?REQ=Ghana family genealogy Ghana Family Genealogy]
* [http://www.kindredtrails.com/ghana.html Ghana][http://www.kindredtrails.com/ghana.html (Africa) Genealogy]
* [http://www.loc.gov/rr/international/amed/ghana/resources/ghana-genealogy.html Genealogy: Ghana]
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